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Server Requirements

  1. Apache 2.2/2.4 or Nginx 1.12+
  2. PHP 7.2 or above (with PDO, gettext, CURL, zip, xml and gd.)
    1. Recommended to turn display_errors off.
    2. Currently Gibbon v17 supports PHP 7.0-7.2, but this software requires PHP 7.2+
    3. Recommended for caching OPCache and APCu.
  3. MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.2+ (collation set to utf8_general_ci)
  4. Gibbon 17.0.00+
  5. As you are dealing with sensitive data over an open communication system, I recommend that all communication to Gibbon and Gibbon Responsive be made using https communication protocol (SSL). This will require a yearly cost for an appropriate security certificate or two. Speak to your server provider or your ICT support people for how to do this important step.

Before you jump in

This installation introduces the concept of multiple websites on the same host (server.) If you are not across this type of installation, then I recommend you take a breath, then have a read of reconfiging your host.

File Structure

Create your directory on your server to hold the Gibbon Responsive Project, then changege to that directory. The directory should NOT be inside your Gibbon installation. So you may have a directory structure like:

  • var
    • www
      • html
      • gibbon

then you would add another directory called 'responsive' to the www directory. In this case the Gibbon Document Root is /var/www/gibbon and the Gibbon Responsive directory would be /var/www/responsive and the Gibbon Responsive document root would be /var/www/responsive/public
The package comes with a .htaccess file in the public directory, so your virtualhost configuration should point your Gibbon Responsive domain name to to the document root of the responsive installation.

  • var
    • www
      • html
      • gibbon
      • responsive

If your school runs the gibbon software with the school website, then in this example the following would be appropriate expectation of the final result:

Domain Type Host URL Document Root
School Domain /var/www/html
Gibbon Domain /var/www/gibbon
Gibbon Responsive Domain /var/www/responsive/public

Details for setting up Apache or Nginx web servers can be found at Configuring a Web Server

Select the method you wish to use to install Gibbon Responsive .

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